1,000 Smiles, Ensenada, Baja California


The 1,000 Smiles Foundation focuses on care of the less fortunate children in Mexico who suffer from lack of dental care and from maxillo-facial deformities such as cleft palate. We have been working with the most malnourished children over the past year who are not healthy enough to safely undergo anesthesia for their cleft palette surgery with the assistance of the Vista Rotary Club at the 1,000 Smiles clinic. Eric puts together nutritional plans and makes weekly deliveries to Ensenada of fresh, made to order, locally sourced organic baby food, baked snacks & organic cold-pressed juices until these children are healthy enough to get this life changing operation. These trips range from once to twice a week depending on each communities living conditions and traveling up to 365 miles round trip to get the deliveries to these individuals.

Rancho De Los Niños Orphanage, El Porvenir Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Eric works in strengthening a communities capacity by securing a foundation built upon nutritional literacy and organic farming to all the children at these orphanages. Every month Eric joins the Flying Samaritans of UCSD down to various orphanages teaching a full days’ worth of one hour classes educating students on different life skills and trades. His goal at this site is to bring the 5 acres of unused farm land back to life for the children to use for educational purposes which will also provide them with an opportunity to live off the land creating direct access to healthier daily meals. Eric will be building a juicing booth in the orphanages main lobby so he can teach them how to juice their organic fruits and vegetables that they harvest from the land.


The Clinic, Ensenada, Mexico


Owned and operated by the Rotary Club of Vista, this Ensenada dental/optometry clinic treats 150 patients for dental, health and nutrition every month. Eric is in the process of creating a Holistic Center for nutritional classes to be held which will allow him to educate these children while they are patiently waiting for their dental/optometry exams. By building this holistic center Eric can effectively educate children on nutritional literacy with an emphasis on a hands approach to juicing of organic fruits/vegetables. The Flying Samaritans of UCSD and their Med Students join the Vista Rotary on their monthly trips down to this facility.

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